Rhododendron, Benmore

Rhododendron, Benmore gardens, Argyll.

Welcome to May… and fresh snow on the hills! Here’s an image from a chilly, wet, visit to Benmore tree gardens in Argyll.  There’s an amazing variety of Rhododendron in flower just now, bringing such a colourful vibration, despite the rain!

“As you breathe, think of life moving in and out of your body.  Your breath refreshes and recharges your space and all your energy systems.  Whenever you feel anxious, fearful, or confused, take a deep breath, and let your breath tap into the depth of your knowingness.

Start by closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing.  Focus as your breath goes in and out.  Make sure you are taking slow, deep breaths from your midsection, not shallow, quick, breaths from your throat area.  Breathe in fresh, clean air and hold it for a count of four, then breathe out through your mouth to a count of four.  As you do, imagine all the tension and strains leaving your body as a grey mist.

After five or six deep inhalations, just let your breath follow its own natural rhythm.  After a while, your mind will become more still.”

– from ‘Meditations’ with James Van Praagh.

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