Insh Island and Mull

The Firth of Lorn, Insh Island with Mull beyond, from Dun Mor, Ellenabeich, Argyll

Although winter returned this week, with Strathspey receiving up to 10″ of the white stuff during the week, it came and went so quickly that I’ve chosen to stay with an image from the recent West coast trip.  I love the sweep of sea and sky in this image, basking in the spring sun.

Continuing with the theme of spaciousness…

“…when you listen to your partner or a friend or even an acquaintance, can you be there as the aware space that is listening? Or, while the other person is speaking, are you constantly thinking, preparing the next thing you’re going to say? Are you judging and evaluating what you’re hearing, or can you be there as the space for the other person?

I would say that’s the greatest gift you can give someone. It’s especially important for parents and children, but also in intimate relationships. Can you listen to the other person in that simple state of alertness in which you’re not judging what you’re listening to? If you can, then you’re there as a presence rather than as a person. You’re not imposing mental labels, judgments, or definitions on the other person. There’s a deeper level of awareness.”

– Eckhart Tolle, interview with Oprah

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2 thoughts on “Insh Island and Mull

  1. Wow! That’s such a good vista.

    The water looks so calm, the contrast between the colour of the grass on the cliff and the colour of the water is striking. The view looking at Mull gives a sense of openness and also of serenity.

  2. Hi Peter
    The polariser filter helped to get the depth of colours! Yes, it is a wonderful vista, and a steep climb up to it as well.

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