River Findhorn at Randolph’s Leap

Gorge of the River Findhorn at Randolphs Leap

The gorge of the River Findhorn at Randolph’s Leap

Peering over the edge of the gorge, with the rushing peat-black water of the River Findhorn below.  The sun came out from behind thick clouds for just a few moments, enough to light up the tracery of the tree branches.  This is a place of strong energy, between the river, the rocks and the surrounding forest.

“As a culture and as individuals we are especially called upon to become acquainted with the invisible realms of the earth, nature and the landscape and to investigate their reverberations on the physical plane. Only in this way can the the largely unconscious repression of the energetic, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the earth systems be alleviated step by step.

I consider that working with one’s own personal processes of clarification and transformation, which lead to a greater conscious awareness, is the most important contribution towards earth healing in a global sense.”

– Marko Pogacnik, ‘Healing the Heart of the Earth’


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