Giant Guardians, Findhorn Gorge

Forest Guardians

From a sparkling day in early summer when all the leaves are fresh and brand new. These two giant-sized fir stand guard near the banks of the Findhorn Gorge and have an amazing uplifting energy.

Aheny River, Co Kerry, Ireland

Aheny River

A gorge and small waterfall on the Aheny River, inland from the charming town of Kenmare.  I loved this wee spot with the oak trees overhanging the gorge.

Gorge of the River Findhorn at Randolphs Leap

River Findhorn at Randolph’s Leap

The gorge of the River Findhorn at Randolph’s Leap Peering over the edge of the gorge, with the rushing peat-black water of the River Findhorn below.  The sun came out from behind thick clouds for just a few moments, enough to light up the tracery of the tree branches.  This is a place of strong […]

autumn leaves at the hermitage, dunkeld, scotland

The Hermitage

Autumn leaves at The Hermitage, Dunkeld Late afternoon on a damp overcast day, and although the leaves seemed to be glowing there was no light for photography.  In the absence of a tripod I was able to balance the camera on the parapet of the old stone bridge for  a 2 second exposure, blurring the […]

Randolph’s Leap

Spring woods, Randolph’s Leap, River Findhorn I love the freshness and light in this image, the Beech leaves have an extra glow to them in spring! “The criteria for success: you are free, you live in the present moment, you are useful to the people around you, and you feel love for all humanity.” – […]

Randolph’s Leap

Randolph’s Leap, River Findhorn Gorge. Rays of sun filtering down through the freezing mist hanging above the river, last weekend. I find Randolph’s Leap, and the Findhorn gorge in general, to have a real magical quality, from the woods and the energy of the river. The river as a symbol of life’s journey must be […]

Findhorn Gorge

River Findhorn gorge at Randolph’s Leap on a day of perfect sunshine and sparkle. The Findhorn is naturally dark-coloured by the peaty waters from the Monadliath mountains.  I find the gorge and surrounding forests a very energising place full of natural magic.  About 10 miles below the gorge the Findhorn reaches the sea at Findhorn […]

Findhorn Beech

Beech tree, River Findhorn gorge, Scotland.  The Findhorn rises in the Monadliath mountains near to my home, and enters an impressive gorge. “… the very process of restoring the land to health is the process through which we become attuned to Nature and, through Nature, to ourselves. Restoration, therefore, is both the means and the […]