Snowy Birch and Blue

Looking up through a snowy birch , Craigellachie Nature Reserve, Aviemore

A sky this blue has been an unusual sight for us this winter! These trees are a great physical example of how we should be energetically, with their crowns open to the light, and roots deep in the earth.  Its a great daily meditation to feel yourself connect to the earth, and to the heavens in this way.  Only when we are fully grounded can we be fully open to inspiration and have the energy to act in the world.

“Every time you reverse a behaviour and substitute a healthy feeling habit, every time you let go of resisting and just be with what is, you allow more of the soul’s diamond light to energise you.  And every time, presence reveals imprtant knowledge, reinforces the compassionate view, and helps you know what to do next.  When you unlabel something or pull your invested energy from a fixed idea or definition, you dissolve another shadow and more diamond light flows into your life.”

– Penney Peirce, ‘frequency’


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