Sycamore leaf bud opening

Sycamore leaf bud opening, backlit in evening light

I loved the vibrancy of this leaf as it opened, with its coppery colours backlit by the evening sun.  Spring has continued its slow progress, with another wet, cold week, but progress nonetheless!

This week – who are you in resonance with?  What kind of journey are you creating?

“The profound feeling of connection and belonging that is evoked in the experience of ‘home’, and in the presence of someone who comes from our home or with whom we have made a home, reflects a kind of matching, a pervasive resonance between what is inside us with what is outside us, between the past and the present, between what we were, what we are, and what we long to be.”

– Stephen A. Mitchell

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One thought on “Sycamore leaf bud opening

  1. The opening bud – a promise of things to come.

    Well at least we are having some sunny days here in S.Wales.
    I just hope this is a promise of a good summer to come and not a fleeting taunt followed by a proverbial pulling of the rug from the feet of one’s summer expectations.

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