Loch Vaa evening

Evening showers and ‘electric’ clouds, Loch Vaa, Strathspey

An evening walk out at Loch Vaa, starting in perfect September late sunshine, turning into light rain showers and atmospheric mistiness around the tree-islands on the loch, with the clouds seemingly lit from within by the sunset somewhere above them.  This was the perfect antidote to a weekend spent cleaning the chimney ready for autumn – which involved removing two full bags of very well-jammed Jackdaw nest.  You would not believe the amount of material which goes into making the perfect nest – or how impossible it is to slowly remove stick by stick… perseverance and a good neighbour did the trick.

Many trees are already turning colour – it seems a little early for that!  It must be autumn already..

“Without our ‘sound’, we could not exist … Whenever balance is altered by outer or inner factors, the vibratory quality (as expressed in the ‘overtones’ of our life) and the rhythm of the energy flow are immediately affected: when the vibration alters its intensity, pitch or volume, the visible forms are altered accordingly.

The meaning of harmony is not to always maintain the same vibration with the personality’s elements remaining inert, but it is, instead, the elements’ flowing adaptation to the impulses from our higher Self.  If we could always keep this in mind, we would avoid all kinds of ‘crystallisation’ (habits, repetitive rhythms, rigid mental forms, etc) that are the primary source of illness or ‘disharmony’.  Sound and its careful and balanced use have the fundamental effect of dissolving any kind of crystallisation or energy congestion.”

– Daniel Levy, ‘Euphony – The Sound of life’

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