Kintail and the Sound of Sleat

The mountains of Kintail across the Sound of Sleat, from Skye

In beautiful sunshine and hardly any wind, with a  flat calm sea showing the tide patterns.    The mountains and the sea were quite a  ‘study in blue’.

I’ve had a full-on busy weekend, so its good to look at this image, and feel again the tranquillity of the morning, how there was beauty at every turn of the road.  Especially when life is tough, or in our day-to-day business, its very easy to forget to tune in, for all the blessings, friends, wonderful places that we have experienced.  Take a few minutes now, step away from the computer (after reading this!), and use your imagination.  Feel the breeze on your face, hear the birdsong, hear the gentle waves on the beach.  Slow your breathing, breathing deeper down to the diaphragm, and become aware of your senses.    Feel your ‘roots’ going down from your feet into the earth – you may experience a feeling of solidity, of strength.   Try allowing the centre of your awareness to shift, down to your heart, where you can expand your awareness to experience a sense of connectedness.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel anything, just slowing down and connecting like this will be beneficial.

Like the photo above, the patterns of the tide are always there but we don’t see them until the surface becomes still.

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