Loch Pityoulish

Loch Pityoulish, Strathspey

In that phrase seemingly beloved of forecasters – ‘A showery airstream will cover the country’… it certainly has been, with frequent downpours and steamy interludes.  Most of the showers seemed to last all afternoon, this week.  This afternoon I went out anyway, got wet, dried off, then got wet again.  It was warm, anyway.  I got to Loch Pityoulish just as the rain stopped, the sun came out, and so did the midges…  Perfect!

Thought comes first. Experience is always secondary.  It is never the other way around – that you have the experience and then base your thought around it.  Always your experience is a direct reflection of what you are thinking.  Thought creates experience.  Why not give yourselves a gift and begin to think of yourselves in a capacity that is exceptional, magnificent, and uplifting; free yourselves from the need to have the rest of society agree with you.  Validate yourselves.”

– Barbara Marciniak, ‘Bringers of the Dawn’

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