Foxgloves in the rain.

Its been a showery week… in fact today’s shower has lasted all day and its still pouring.  Yesterday’s shower lasted most of the day – I think I’m spotting a pattern here.  Every now and then a I spot a lighter patch of cloud in the distance which gives some hope of a break.  Yesterday evening the rain stopped and the sun appeared for the last hour before sunset.  Hoping to repeat last week’s trick with the sunset lilies (forgetting, of course, that one can never step in the same river twice) I headed off, only for the sun to hide again behind some large clouds, but, I did find this field of foxgloves all sparkling with raindrops in a woodland clearing.

The raspberry altercations: this week my first rasps ripened, but its been a struggle getting any for myself.  Not only Mr & Mrs blackbird, but their freshly-fledged brood consider the raspberry patch as their own.  I only have to step outside, and the garden fills with blackbird screams of “Baggins! Thief!”.  This is the first year I have ever had a problem, so I don’t know what that means…

“Since people are made of sound, listening is important. It is through listening that you become a true human, and a true human is a listener who is constantly attuned by working with everything that is happening.  To become a true human, one must become conscious of listening and hearing the voice of the Great Mystery speaking through everything, through the sound of a tree, or the bird flying overhead, or the wind in the room, or someone breathing, or someone talking, or a moment of silence.”

– Joseph Rael, ‘Being & Vibration’

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