Famara beach, Lanzarote

Famara beach, Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

As I write this, wet snow hurtles past my window – the first of the winter.  Its rather bitter out!  So here’s some sunshine instead from two weeks ago in Lanzarote.

“… I realised that most thoughts are impersonal happenings, like self-assembling machines.  Unless we train ourselves, the thoughts passing through our minds have little involvement with our will.  It is strange to realise that even our own thoughts pass by like scenery out the window of a bus, a bus we took by accident while trying to get somewhere else.

Most of the time, thinking is an autonomous process, something that happens outside of our control.  This perception of the machinelike quality of the self is something many people discover, then try to overcome, through meditation.”

– Daniel Pinchbeck, ‘Breaking Open the Head’

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