Cotoneaster Frost

Frosted cotoneaster.

After several sub-zero days the frost is building up.  The blackbirds have taken up residence in this cotoneaster, chuckling over the plentiful berry supply.

“Suffering, even great physical pain and emotional loss, dissolves when you stop looking at it and for it.  It disappears when you stop agreeing with it or fighting it.  It becomes nothing when you cease to extract identity from it.

Divine awareness reveals love as the basic unchanging nature of self and life.  In any moment, you can Be.  You can look for and feel presence; you can expect the surprise return to the love you’ve never left.  Their is no pain in love, only in separation from love, and feeling separate is the choice to suffer.”

– Penney Peirce ‘frequency – the Power of Personal Vibration’

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