Colorado Aspen

Aspen, Sangre de Cristo mountains, Southern Colorado.

The light from the Aspen was incredibly intense – like walking through shimmering gold – it certainly helped to offset the altitude as I climbed higher.

This photo was taken in a high valley at about 10,000 feet, surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo peaks at 14,000 feet.

“Imagine sitting on a boulder in this forest.  Be still, breathe deeply.  At first it seems completely silent, then you notice the rustling of Aspen leaves in the gentle breeze. Birds and squirrels flit about, scurrying and rustling.  Breathe deeply.  Breathe the golden light into your body.  Relax.  Allow tensions to leave you, borne away on the trembling Aspen leaves.  Smile – with all of your cells!”

– Neil

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