Riverbank Sycamore

Riverbank Sycamore, River Spey.

We had some beautiful light this week, illuminating these turning leaves down by the riverside one morning.  The wind was shaking the leaves all over.

In reply to several correspondents from last week – no, I wasn’t in Colorado, it was from a trip 2 years ago!

“Connecting with the qualities of the elements can be very beneficial.  Ideally you can go somewhere windy, or sit by a stream, or where you can directly feel the warmth of the sun.  Pay attention to the inner qualities of the elements.  Feel the comfort of the flow of water, the ease with which water carries away obstacles; allow the breeze to carry away your tension, your fears, feel the freedom of air; feel the heat of fire within you, warming your heart, imagine fire within in areas that need healing, burning away sickness.”

– Neil, from the teachings of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

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