Moss Baubles

Ice baubles on moss Its been an amazing week of high-pressure weather, with blue skies nearly every day.  Some days with warm sun tempting us to think that its spring, other days with a biting wind and deep frost…  There isn’t a great deal of snow on the slopes, but the high plateau looks plastered, […]

Secret Path

A favourite path along the banks of the Spey near Aviemore. With much of Scotland seeing snow this last few days, here’s one from a local wander, taken last year when these snow patches were all that was left of a long winter.  Often there isn’t much colour about at this time of year, but […]

Jura and Scarba from storm-lashed rocks.

Jura (far distance) and Scarba from storm-lashed rocks. How energetically cleansing it is to be surrounded by such a “fresh” sea… “After you have exhausted what there is in business, politics, conviviality, and so on – have found that none of these finally satisfy, or permanently wear – what remains? Nature remains.” – Walt Whitman, […]

Pine in the mist, Loch Vaa

Ice Pine, Loch Vaa This pine stands proud on  its wee island in frozen Loch Vaa.  The ice and mist combined to make quite an atmosphere. “Think of the darkness inside your eyes as invisible space.  As light travels from the outside into this darkness, it can demand us to change.  What we perceive as […]

Forest Sunbeams, Hungary

Forest Sunbeams, Dobogoko, Visegrad Hills, Hungary. 7am – morning sun breaking through mist after a massive thunderstorm the previous night.  Dobogoko is on a small plateau at 700m, the high spot of the Visegrad hills.  The hills are clad in thick beech and oak forest with only an occasional viewpoint, and amazing rock outcrops. “Once […]