Cranesbill and grass, wildflower meadow, Newtonmore, Strathspey

Wildflower Meadow

Cranesbill and grass, wildflower meadow, Newtonmore, Strathspey The Wildcat Trail along the Spey riverbank at Newtonmore, is, in early summer, a beautiful native wildflower meadow.    This is marginal land – of no agricultural value, prone to winter floods, so it has been left alone for nature to flourish, whilst still having some limited use […]

Lilac woods

Lilac flowers in Perthshire woods The light was very dull on this late afternoon, but the lilac flowers covering the forest floor gave a lovely glow.  I’ve no idea what they are! “In shamanism, miraculous events are not only assumed but expected.  Science/logic assumes that the only reality is one that is predictable; anomolies are […]


Orchid. The first orchids are out this week.  They mostly seem to grow in bogs, hence the photographer rapidly developed “wet-knee” syndrome. There’s quite a variety of them – they’re not just foreign exotic plants, but native exotic flowers too! Solstice Greetings! Its the longest day.  The time of greatest vitality in the solar cycle…  […]

Poppy after rain

Poppy after Rain. I was expecting to send out a picture of rain on the window this week – until yesterday dawned bright and sparkly. So here’s another one from the garden – lilac poppy and raindrops. “Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce […]