loch en eilein september morning mist

Loch an Eilein misty morning

Morning mist rising, Loch an Eilein This is September at her best.  An early start, awaking to thick mist with the chance of sun breaking through, and the world covered in dewy spiderwebs – trees, bracken, grasses, fenceposts – everywhere.   I took a gulp of breakfast and then pedalled fast to the loch, to be […]

Elk Bull, Banff

Bull Elk, Banff

Bull Elk at sunset, Banff, Canada No, I am not away!  Every so often I fancy an image scanned from the archives – in this case from a trip to Western Canada 24 (!) years ago. I was walking back to my campsite in the evening when a group of Elk started to cross the […]

strath dulnain woods black and white quadtone

Light in the woods

Light in the Strath Dulnain woods, Black & White quadtone I do like playing with the dreamy tones you can get in Black & White 🙂 Evening light coming low through the woods with added emphasis from the dramatic shape of the high wispy cloud.  The woods here are a surviving fragment of our original native […]

Birch Paths

Birch Paths We still have a lot of snow in the woods, alternately deep, soft and cludgy, or treacherously icy.  Many trees are still bent right over, cemented to the ground.   Many of these have now split completely, in some parts of the woods there is total devastation.  On this particular path through the woods, […]

Reflection in Blue

Reflection in blue – Craigellachie National Nature Reserve. A perfect blue sky reflecting in the lochan, with just a few floating leaves… and no wind! A few thoughts on Nature and appreciation this week… “Nature never did betray the Heart that loved her.” – Wordsworth. “Fresh beauty opens one’s eyes wherever it is really seen, […]

Autumnal Birch leaf

Birch Leaf Our Birch trees have started to turn colour this last week or so.  Here’s one catching the sun along the riverbank, starting to turn. “Look deep, deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything.” – Albert Einstein “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to […]

Randolph’s Leap

Randolph’s Leap, River Findhorn Gorge. Rays of sun filtering down through the freezing mist hanging above the river, last weekend. I find Randolph’s Leap, and the Findhorn gorge in general, to have a real magical quality, from the woods and the energy of the river. The river as a symbol of life’s journey must be […]


Lichen on branch. Most of this week has been drab, dark and very wet!  However, the sunshine when it happens is very intense, and illuminated the fronds of this lichen.  I love the rich purple colour of the bare birch trees behind. I stood in the (ankle deep squelch)  bog to take this – there’s […]