Sun on the moor

Sun, clouds and fresh snow on the Monadliath Today: a celebration of the elements.  We had an inch and a half of fresh fluffy snow when I awoke this morning, the first we have had here in the Highlands since December.  It has been an unusally snow-free winter for us, at least judging by the […]

Crescent moon and afterglow, midwinter

Crescent moon and sunset afterglow, midwinter. Taken while cross-country skiing out in the woods near Aviemore. Although it was long after sunset (about mid-afternoon…) the sky was bright and the snow reflecting the pinks and purples lit my way home. The Highlands have been in a Scandinavian weather system all week, with temperatures down to […]

Wood Anenomes

Evening wood anenomes A spot of magical evening light in the wood anenome wood. Thankfully today is back to sunny spring, after a few days of rain, hail, snow and violent wind.  Quite a few days of mad weather for us, maybe for you too?  Have you noticed how, at the full moon, the weather […]

Frosted Daisies

Michaelmas Daisy Frost-flowers, in the garden. “Earth, Ether, Fire and Water continually change their form to become what they speak of.  Sometimes they look like an elemental that is associated with each element…  Sometimes they look like a standing wave or a crystal or a whirlwind.” — Tanis Halliwell.

Autumn or Winter?

Autumn or winter? Late autumn birch reflections with early snowfall, Craigellachie National Nature reserve, Aviemore.  We had more rain and wind for most of the week, and then thursday dawned with blue skies, frost, and a surprise early snowfall. Back at one of my favourite photography spots, loving the multiple layers with the orange reflecting […]

Riverbank Sycamore

Riverbank Sycamore, River Spey. We had some beautiful light this week, illuminating these turning leaves down by the riverside one morning.  The wind was shaking the leaves all over. In reply to several correspondents from last week – no, I wasn’t in Colorado, it was from a trip 2 years ago! “Connecting with the qualities […]