Can’t see the forest for the trees… close up inside a moss patch.

The patch of  moss caught my eye with their colourful stems, and flowering spores.  The sun was low and coming directly through the moss patch, creating these lively colours. What a few days we’ve had!  Stunning hot clear days , with a high of 26.9C recorded at the local weather station yesterday.   Its still light as I write this at 10pm, with the last red glow on the mountains just fading.

When its like this we’re just so grateful to live in such a fantastic country!

“In esoteric tradition, the heart is considered the gateway to higher consciousness.  Aristotle taught that the seat of human consciousness lies not in the brain, but in the heart.  The Vedas describe with great technical precision how the awakening of the spiritual heart brings about the opening of the ‘gate of heaven’.

The root of the word ‘veda’ means ‘to know’, thus veda is synonymous with gnosis.  The Vedas describe the spiritual heart (heart chakra) as a lotus flower hanging downward with its petals closed.  When activated, the lotus lifts its head and opens its petals and consequently, a spontaneous expansion of consciousness that is potentially limitless occurs.

Within the heart chakra, there lies an infinitesmal void.  The heart space is where we can experience ‘The whole’, a place of unity, wholeness, oneness.  This place has also been described as the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Tao, and in Gnostic tradition, the All. “

– Susan Joy Rennison in ‘Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution’.

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