Midsummer poppy

Breathing Space

Breathing space. Time to pause and reflect on the tsunami of changes going on just now on our planet.

Autumn hils and early snow, Cairngorms, Scotland

Autumn Hills

Autumn colours and early snow, Cairngorms, from Torr Alvie An image from this week last year, on a day of sunshine and frost with the larch glowing bright orange across Rothiemurchus, and early winter snow on the Cairngorms behind.  The photo is taken from the mysterious wee hill of Torr Alvie, which is covered in […]

autumn mist and golden birch, craigellachie national nature reserve

Craigellachie Mist

Autumn colours on a misty morning, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Aviemore This was taken last year on a stunning autumn day of early mist clearing to crisp sunshine.  The woods are just as beautifully orange now, but so far there has been an absence of crisp mornings! I’m hoping we do get some good days […]

Marigold flower


Glowing Marigold flower (Calendula) These Marigolds are full of such amazing vibrancy, they were glowing gold in the sunshine this week.  They make me smile whenever I see them, and that has to be good! Calendula gives us so much, from the simple beauty of the flowers to various herbal uses as well as being […]

Orange poppy

Sun-filled Poppy

Sun-filled Poppy These poppies have such a lovely energising bright colour, especially with the incredible sun we’ve had over the last few days.  During the day they were too bright to photograph – the camera simply cannot handle the contrast and colour saturation, but I took this photo in the last moments before sunset in […]

Sunset over Mull

Sunset over the headlands of Mull. Scotland can be one of the most amazingly beautiful places on Earth.  When we get day after day of deep blue skies and perfect sunshine (albeit with a chilly sea breeze at times) for several days in a row, its almost unheard of and worth writing home about, especially […]


Orange Birch in the rain, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve This week Scotland decided to cut out the middle man, skip autumn and go straight to winter, with snow on the hills (and a few showers of the white stuff down here), and gales and rain a-plenty.  The rain and low lighting really bring out the […]

Orange Lily and water drops

There seems to be a water-drop theme developing from last week…!  Its been quite a week of high winds, rain, and cold – down to 10C for us here in the Highlands – not exactly summery.  Here’s some bright orange cheer for the return of summer! On musical structure in nature: “… The long strings […]

Acer Leaves

Fresh young Acer leaves All is still well in the garden… although many things are still really slow growing, after the cold may we had.  I love how delicate these young maple leaves are. “The key is that the energy connecting everything in the Universe is also part of what it connects! Rather than thinking […]

Orange Lily

Lily Colour Therapy In lieu of summer sunshine, here’s the glowing colour of some lily detail, with added raindrop… “Life and living according to the tribe is in movement, advancement, and change.  They spoke about alive and nonalive time.  People are nonliving when angry, depressed, feeling sorry for themselves, or filled with fear.  Breathing doesn’t […]


Can’t see the forest for the trees… close up inside a moss patch. The patch of  moss caught my eye with their colourful stems, and flowering spores.  The sun was low and coming directly through the moss patch, creating these lively colours. What a few days we’ve had!  Stunning hot clear days , with a […]