Misty Haze, Loch an Eilein

Misty haze, Loch an Eilein

A perfect spring day at Loch an Eilein, basking in hot sunshine through a misty haze, after a frosty start.

Spring Equinox

Morning frost, iced crocus colour,
Geese honking north (follow the V).
Frogs everywhere
– On their way to The Pond
– On their way back from The Pond
(too exhausted to move… )

The surprising feel of sunshine.

There’s no wind at all!
I can hear the birds
The surround-sound pond hums with frogs,
as if a distant motorbike concerto
(they make sharp bird-like squeaks, too).

We seem to be poised,
inbreath and outbreath

Its another perfect day…

– Neil’s observations on the week

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