Frost Flowers

Frost Flowers.

Frost-encrusted mosses, catching a glint of sun.  Each spike of moss had grown a crystal of ice, with further ice crystals growing from these.

“At the one extreme, we think we’re not good enough to testify for a better world.  At the other, we fear going crazy, screwing up, failing, being crucified or ego-tripping our way to the madhouse.

However, if we are really called to bear witness to a concern, it will not usually leave us resting long in comfortable complacency.  When summoned by the deep inner self, our narrow little egos are not our own.

The common task of the prophet, shaman and bard, then, is to get out and help to constellate an alternate reality.  The deeper it draws from the wells of Creation, the more our work will make poetry, music and magic, and the more closely it will accord with love.”

– from ‘Soil and Soul‘, by Alastair McIntosh.

If you are at all interested in society, community, land reform, conciousness,  shamanic and poetic vision and our future, then I can heartily recommend this wonderful book!  (Amazon link)

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