Christmas Mushroom

Frozen mushroom in moss. In the woods this week – a decent frost on the leaves and mosses, when I spotted this bright mushroom, completely iced over after the previous night’s rain. Suitably “festive” colours? “In the traditional shamanic cultures, healing bears little relationship to the remission of physical symptoms.  It refers, rather, to becoming […]

Shaggy Ink-cap mushrooms

Shaggy Ink-Cap mushrooms, Strathspey I found this patch of Shaggy Ink-Caps in a shady  woodland .  Newly formed they are fresh and white, with a characteristic scaly appearance.  As the cap grows and matures it starts turning black and dissolves into a black ink, thus exposing fresh spores. Young specimens can be sliced lengthways and […]

Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms, Strathspey. The sun has actually come out a few times this week, although its back to rain again, and a cold North wind blowing – this is the first year I have ever lit the fire in July. However, the rain has been great for Chanterelles in the woods – so we’ve been […]