Fern Spiral

Fern Spiral This week’s choice of image was  hard, after a glorious spring week with fresh colour everywhere;  wild flowers and blossom, and the woods turning the hillsides green. ” Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.” – Tao Te Ching I like this – whatever our circumstances in life, […]

Fern Unfolding

Fern uncoiling, banks of the River Spey,  Scotland. A week of sunshine, sudden heavy showers and sparkles.   The light through the trees was changing completely several times a second,  creating a constant kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.  I loved the soft feel created in this image. “Sunlight is the source of all growth. Many cultures […]

Willow Catkins

Willow Catkins A week of spring sunshine (with  sharp, cold air at times), and this tree has been glowing yellow all week – just 100 metres from my window. Spring comes… the annual promise of renewal and growth.  So it is with the tide of humanity, new shoots, at first un-noticed, then a gathering bloom. […]