Plockton, West Coast, near Skye The famously-picturesque village of Plockton on the West coast, one of Scotland’s most fjord-like locations – perfect reflections on a perfect summer’s day.  This particular image looks slightly surreal, as it combines two exposures (one exposed for the highlights, one for the shadows) to form a ‘High Dynamic Range’ image. […]

Cloudscape, Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond Cloudscape

Clouds and sunbeams, Loch Lomond Dramatic lighting across Loch Lomond and the surrounding hills, as sunbeams swept across the landscape through the fast-moving clouds.  This is one of the things I love about Scotland – the constant interplay between clouds and sun, water and land creates a dynamic lighting which totally changes the landscape from […]

Misty Birch

Misty Birch at Craigellachie Lochan After a week of grey mist, rain and general dull weather, Thursday was a gem.  With the village in thick freezing mist, I walked up through the Birch wood a short way into a startling deep blue sky, through wreaths of mist coming and going.  The Birch glowed golden in […]

Cadzow Oak

‘Cadzow Oak’ in late afternoon sun, Chatelherault, Hamilton An afternoon walk through the stunning autumn colours of the woodlands at Chatelherault, near Hamilton, along the gorge of the Avon water.  The Cadzow Oaks are beautiful to see, rather,  ‘to meet’ since these trees are such characters with great presence. This internationally important group of about […]

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond in high water The shores of loch Lomond, after seemingly weeks of wet weather the water level was high and flooding the shoreline trees.  The sun briefly appearing brought millions of sparkles through the silhouetted trees, and an intriguing silvery shadow of the trees on the water. “Emotions reflect intentions.  Therefore, awareness of […]

Wood Anenome

The chilly, cold May continues… but the anenomes carpet the Birch wood. Check out the new blog,, featuring all of my past images of the week. “As you come to recognise the power of your consciousness, that what is behind your eyes, so to speak, holds more power than what appears in front of […]

Daisy Sunset

Oxeye daisies, sunset, Culloden Moor. Many thanks to the orchid-identifying respondents from last week’s email. What a stunning week we have had – hot, clear, dry days, with a high of 26C during the week.  We live in such a beautiful country with an amazing landscape – its good to take the time to appreciate […]