The Perfect Mirror

Ice and branch, Loch an Eilein

Thankfully it has been a much warmer weekend after the severely cold start – Spring may be properly on her way at last.
Here though is another image from the  icy days at Loch an Eilein a couple of weeks ago.  Overnight ice held within a floating branch.

Reflection, Stillness, Peace.
Sky, Water, Air.
As above so below.
The perfect mirror.

‘As above, so below’ comes from the oft-quoted (but hard to understand!) ‘Emerald tablet‘ of Hermes, an ancient writing concerning the alchemical process of enlightenment.  There are numerous translations, including one by Isaac Newton, who was as much an alchemist as a scientist.  Coincidentally, the BBC this week broadcast a documentary dramatisation on the alchemical life of Isaac Newton (although I have not yet seen it).  The process of alchemy was understood to be a mirror, turning lead (human negativity) into gold (spiritual enlightenment).  For me, the understanding illustrated by this photo is that our future on this planet has to come from reflecting upon our relationship with nature, with the natural intelligences of nature and the planet.


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