Reed Reflections

Reeds, Craigellachie Nature Reserve, Strathspey.

You’ve probably noticed one or two images from the reed-lochan over the last few months – and here we are again, on a bitter morning (the loch is on the north side of a hill, in shadow by 11am at this time of year) with fresh ice and a freezing wind for exposed camera-fingers.

On Meditation…

” Meditation teachers often liken the true nature of mind to a calm pond, and thoughts as ripples which disturb the surface.  Meditation helps you to let go of the attachment to the ripple-thoughts, to become more aware of the true nature of the underlying mind. However confused and energetic the ripples are, they still cannot be anything but the pond.”

With the wish that this image help you achieve a moment of calm… and no dwelling in the murky depths this week!

– Neil

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