Breathing forest

Breathing Forest

Morning mist, Cairngorms National Park The mist rising from Kennapole, as seen from Torr Alvie, with the crags of Glenfeshie beyond, on one of those rare early winter days when the world conspires (and inspires) to amaze with beauty, the forest appearing to breath. I say morning mist, in fact it was already well into […]

Lady’s Mantle Raindrops

Raindrops on Lady’s Mantle After a few days last week being the hottest place in the country, we’re probably the coldest now, with fresh snow well down the hills last night. The leaves of Lady’s mantle are coated in fine hairs giving it a silvery appearance.  This fine down also holds raindrops, great for artistic […]

Frosted Silver Birch, Craigellachie

Silver Birch, Winter Frost Some more from the beautiful weather over Christmas and New Year.  In the freezing mist this frost-coated birch glowed as the sun caught it against the blue shadow of the hill behind. “If you would have a better world, create it for yourselves now at this very instant in your mind: […]

Silver Rain-Daisy

Silver Daisy. There was a brief lull in this week’s rain, during which the sun briefly came out.  I loved the silvery effect and the texture of  the raindrops on this daisy. The individual florets in the head of a daisy grow in two spirals extending out from the center. The clockwise spiral has 21 […]