Solstice morning

Midsummer solstice landscape, Kincardine Hills and River Spey, Strathspey. I was up today before 4am, to climb Craigellachie hill behind Aviemore, to catch the solstice sunrise.  The sun was already high by the time I took this at 5am. After the last two weeks of miserable cold wet weather (and fresh snow on the hills […]


Early morning Honeysuckle. I awoke early one day this week to completely blue sky and brilliant early sun.  A ray of sun was catching this honeysuckle flower, against dark shady foliage. More flowers!  I’ll try and have something different for you next week… “Perhaps, For just one minute out of the day, It may be […]


What time is it? “When Hafiz plays his lute, My notes ascend into the air and form Infinite blue crystals That will move on the wind’s breath For hundreds of years As my sacred debris As the divine dust Rising as a gift from my Singing bones.” From “The Subject Tonight is Love, 60 Wild […]