Blue Anenome

Blue Anenome I love how this flower shifts colour depending on the light, from blue to purple, and I love the combination of the velvety purple with the shimmering golden stamens.  It just seems to glow with these deeply nourishing high-vibration colours.  Here’s a meditation on colour and light … focus and breathe these colours […]


Garden Anenome There have been many heavy showers, but overall we’ve had a great week with intense sun at times.  The garden is looking quite beautiful with the sparkly mix of sun and rain, I particularly love the colour and form of these anenomes, especially backlit like this. There’s a lovely energy to them. I’ve […]


Autumn Anenome It snowed on the hills this week, and the temperature has certainly dropped a little, but there has been some beautiful garden sunshine and the anenomes are still in flower.  I loved the out of focus background colours in this one. I’ve never been an Apple user, but I’m very aware of, and […]

Wood Anenome

Wood Anenome, Strathspey, Scotland. Wood Anenome photographed this week in evening light – carpeting the floor of the birch wood.  These are the famed “wooden enemies” that lurk in the woods in children’s imagination. “The Temple bell stops, but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.” – Basho, Japanese poet, 1644-1694.