Midsummer poppy

Breathing Space

Breathing space. Time to pause and reflect on the tsunami of changes going on just now on our planet.

Poppy Raindrops

Poppy Raindrops

Raindrops on poppy One from the garden this week, to illustrate summer in Scotland.  Its bright and sunny, then as the towering cumulo-nimbus pass, the temperature drops about 10 degrees and the downpour… pours. I love the richness of colour in this, though, with the brightness of the water droplets. I’m very aware of, and […]

Orange poppy

Sun-filled Poppy

Sun-filled Poppy These poppies have such a lovely energising bright colour, especially with the incredible sun we’ve had over the last few days.  During the day they were too bright to photograph – the camera simply cannot handle the contrast and colour saturation, but I took this photo in the last moments before sunset in […]

Red Poppy

Catching the early sunshine in the garden one morning – with the wind catching them these poppies barely last a few hours.  I loved the translucence with the sun shining through the poppy. “Your emotions are jewels that each have its own lesson to impart, and when dealt with, their teachings will reveal the beliefs […]

Poppy after rain

Poppy after Rain. I was expecting to send out a picture of rain on the window this week – until yesterday dawned bright and sparkly. So here’s another one from the garden – lilac poppy and raindrops. “Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce […]


Garden Poppy. The midsummer here in Scotland has continued unabated, with fresh snow on the mountains matching the rain down here, and the occasional burst of blinding sunshine. These poppies are in my garden – I liked this one for being a ‘survivor’, flowering beautifully despite the conditions, even if appearing a little ragged after […]