Misty sunset on cairngorm

Misty Cairngorm Sunset

Sunset Mist, Cairngorm First of all, a big welcome to this week’s new subscribers.  I have received such lovely feedback about the vibrational energy carried through these images. Here’s another image from last week’s amazing misty sunset, looking across the lower slopes of the Cairngorms, with the hill of Silvermount to the left, and the […]

Freezing Spires, Loch Morlich

Freezing Spires – Loch Morlich, Glenmore. Taken a few days ago just before New Year, on a day of sparkling frost crystals and fantastic air clarity with a daytime high temperature of -9C.  The loch was completely frozen over (and perfectly skiable…) except for the outflow, pictured here.  The surface was steaming like a hot […]

Strathspey from Ord Ban

Strathspey from Ord Ban, with Loch Insh and the River Spey. I’m not sure how much longer the leaves can hold out against the weather stripping them from the trees… but its been a beautiful autumn. This week’s image was taken as storm clouds rapidly advanced into what had been a beautiful, clear, morning.  I […]

On Bear Mountain, Sedona

From Bear mountain, Sedona, Arizona. Given this week’s continuing deluge, here’s some previously-recorded sunshine. Climbing Bear mountain, Sedona, Arizona, USA, September 2005, in 40C temperature… This week: its a vision thing. “If you are not willing to see more than is visible, you won’t see anything.” – Ruth Bernhard, American photographer. ” If we limit […]

Winter Sparkle

Deep Freeze Haze, Loch Vaa, Strathspey How beautiful its been for us this week – minus 8 or so, sunshine, mist, and no wind.   These gnarly old trees, in a deep frost-hollow, were sparkling with natural fairy lights as the sun refracted through millions of ice-drops. Light and dark, the raw ingredients of photography – […]

Birch in mist

Birch in mist – abstract. “Painting” by setting a long exposure time  and slowly moving the camera. As I write this, sleet hurtles past my window and its been nearly dark all day long … welcome to November!  However, despite the gales there is still  good colour in the woods to be appreciated. “So the […]

Aspen, Sangre de Cristo, Colorado.

Aspen, Sangre de Cristo mountains, Colorado. After a week of rain, wind, rain and wind, I thought I’d revert back a few years to some colour from the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Southern Colorado.  The intensity of colour was amazing. I’m amazed we still have any leaves left after this week’s gales and battering, […]


Garden Poppy. The midsummer here in Scotland has continued unabated, with fresh snow on the mountains matching the rain down here, and the occasional burst of blinding sunshine. These poppies are in my garden – I liked this one for being a ‘survivor’, flowering beautifully despite the conditions, even if appearing a little ragged after […]