Wingtips and blue sky

Wing-marks in snow, Monadhliath Mountains An unusual image this week – for several reasons.  We don’t often see things like this in the Scottish mountains, as it is so rarely settled enough from one day to the next.  Normally there is constant snow blowing, obscuring your own tracks within minutes.  On this day there had […]


Daffodil Bright, isn’t it?   Amazing what a bit of spring sunshine can do. “Scientists at the Institute of HeartMath in California conducted experiments on the capacities of the human mind in different states of consciousness.  They found that when people attain the states of gratitude and love, and when their brains and hearts enter into […]

Danube Bend, Dobogoko, Hungary

Evening colours,  view of the Danube, Dobogoko, Visegrad Hills, Hungary. “When I keep my focus on the universe inside, I can have everything: money, success, and fulfilling relationships, as well as that incredible connection inside myself. If I am in love with someone and begin to think of him as my source of joy, then […]


Lichen on branch. Most of this week has been drab, dark and very wet!  However, the sunshine when it happens is very intense, and illuminated the fronds of this lichen.  I love the rich purple colour of the bare birch trees behind. I stood in the (ankle deep squelch)  bog to take this – there’s […]

Spring melt

Spring melt after snow, The Bogach, Strathspey, Scotland After last week’s snow, this week brought fabulous spring warmth. This area acts like a natural sponge, soaking up the meltwater, and I loved the sparkle of sunshine with the reeds and trees in the evening light. “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe, […]