Sunset Lilies

Sunset reflections, the ‘lily loch’. After a heavy downpour, the sun came out for a half hour fling before sunset.  I just had time to get to this local loch to catch the reflections of the sunset clouds through the lilies.  The water was completely still until a (Mrs Mallard) duck took off in alarm, […]

Orange Lily and water drops

There seems to be a water-drop theme developing from last week…!  Its been quite a week of high winds, rain, and cold – down to 10C for us here in the Highlands – not exactly summery.  Here’s some bright orange cheer for the return of summer! On musical structure in nature: “… The long strings […]

Orange Lily

Lily Colour Therapy In lieu of summer sunshine, here’s the glowing colour of some lily detail, with added raindrop… “Life and living according to the tribe is in movement, advancement, and change.  They spoke about alive and nonalive time.  People are nonliving when angry, depressed, feeling sorry for themselves, or filled with fear.  Breathing doesn’t […]

Lily loch

Lochan Mor – The Lily Loch, Strathspey. Another week of heavy rain!  This local loch is covered in lily pads in the summer, so they’re probably relishing the conditions.  This week they are well into flower. On this morning it started fair, even the hills were visible, allowing me time to get home just before […]