Giant Sequioa, Dawyck Botanic Garden, Scottish Borders

Dawyck Redwoods

A grove of Giant Redwoods, Dawyck Botanic gardens in the Scottish Borders If you like trees, I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the Dawyck Botanic gardens, near Peebles, where 350 years of sustained interest and plant collecting from the cool temperate areas of the world are beautifully laid out.  Its a real contrast after […]

Douglas Fir, Feshiebridge


Douglas Fir, Feshiebridge, Strathspey A visit to one of my favourite trees in the district – a beautiful Douglas Fir standing on the rocky banks where the River Feshie tumbles through a wee gorge. The tree is named after David Douglas, the Scottish botanist who first ‘discovered’ it in British Columbia and the Western USA.  […]