Willow Catkins

Willow catkins, by the River Spey, Aviemore After last weekend’s spring weather we paid for it during the week with a rather chilly few days and  fresh snow on the hills.  However, today has been another perfect day. Perfect for gardening, for just being outside… I took an evening walk along the river bank, and […]


Moss ‘forest’ detail We’ve had a wonderful few days of tremendous spring sunshine, shorts weather, even here in the Highlands.  The daffs are finally all opening, trees are showing buds all over the place, and the garden birds are competing with each other to see which can steal the most finest-quality ‘nesting’ moss from my […]

Spring woods

Daffodils in the woods Its spring! The proof: sitting out in warm sunshine without a jacket; daffodils blooming in the woods. “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

Kilmartin Rock Art

Ancient circles, Kilmartin glen, Argyll, Scotland Wheels within wheels… Kilmartin features the most extensive group of prehistoric rock carvings in Scotland.   For previous Kilmartin images, see here. Specialists will continue to argue over the meanings of these carvings, but I thought this was a good image to mark today’s Spring  equinox when day and […]

Secret Path

A favourite path along the banks of the Spey near Aviemore. With much of Scotland seeing snow this last few days, here’s one from a local wander, taken last year when these snow patches were all that was left of a long winter.  Often there isn’t much colour about at this time of year, but […]


First crocus Its time for the annual crocus photo – after a few warm sunny spring-like days (and with a sharp frost too).  After a Scottish winter its good to see the first colour springing from the earth. “Innocence of eye has a quality of its own. It means to see as a child sees, […]