Glenfeshie Hills from Ord Ban

Glenfeshie Hills

Glenfeshie Hills from Ord Ban, Strathspey Winter refuses to give up… our cold spring continues with a weekend of sleet showers (and sunshine) and a biting wind.  A lot of snow has melted in this last fortnight, but there was fresh snow on the hills again.  Although it was cold up on the hilltop, it […]

Blue Anenome

Blue Anenome I love how this flower shifts colour depending on the light, from blue to purple, and I love the combination of the velvety purple with the shimmering golden stamens.  It just seems to glow with these deeply nourishing high-vibration colours.  Here’s a meditation on colour and light … focus and breathe these colours […]

The Perfect Mirror

Ice and branch, Loch an Eilein Thankfully it has been a much warmer weekend after the severely cold start – Spring may be properly on her way at last. Here though is another image from the  icy days at Loch an Eilein a couple of weeks ago.  Overnight ice held within a floating branch. Reflection, […]

Sun and Ice

Sun and Ice, Loch an Eilein Its been an amazing week with temperatures down to -10C most nights, and some clear blue days.  Its warm in the sun, and bitter in the shade or when the wind blows!  The ice forms overnight on the loch, then breaks up under the sun and wind during the […]

Sound of Luing

Rock outcrops and distant Argyll landscape, Sound of Luing, West Coast of Scotland I find it bizarre that, as snow covers the UK, here in my part of the Highlands there is hardly any, just an occasional snowflake – although it has been bitterly cold.  As an alternative to this week’s big freeze, here’s an […]

Torr Alvie

Cairngorms from Torr Alvie, Strathspey The Glenfeshie hills from Torr Alvie, Kinrara, Strathspey.  This was taken a couple of weeks ago in the sunshine, before the latest batch of wintry weather swept in – last week’s crocuses are now under snow.  Torr Alvie is a steep little hill, covered in native Caledonian Forest – an […]


Crocus flower and leaves Its spring – the sun has shone all week and although its still very chilly at times, there has been some real warmth.  Crocus bulbs have shot up all over the garden, and the first few are in flower.  I was trying to do something a bit different from the straight […]


Azalea Blossom No more complaints about the cold spring – my salad seeds have gone into overdrive  to make up for lost time, and I’m sure that 90% of the Scottish population will have turned bright red in the last few days of intense sunshine – probably a similar shade to the beautiful Azalea pictured […]

Sycamore leaf bud opening

Sycamore leaf bud opening, backlit in evening light I loved the vibrancy of this leaf as it opened, with its coppery colours backlit by the evening sun.  Spring has continued its slow progress, with another wet, cold week, but progress nonetheless! This week – who are you in resonance with?  What kind of journey are […]

Golden Tresses

Golden tresses of Birch leaves, Craigellachie Taken last week before the weather turned back to winger again!  Late afternoon light at Craigellachie catches the freshly unfurled birch leaves in a golden-green glow, against the dark backdrop of the lochan and the crags behind. This is from a lovely book which I came across this week, […]

Wood Anenome

Wood Anenomes, Craigellachie Birch Wood, Aviemore This week, Spring happened… Here in the Highlands it was a stunning five days of constant sun with hardly the faintest puff of white cloud the whole time.  The mornings started icy, the air during the day being that clarity of simultaneously burning and freezing which we can get […]

Loch an Eilein reflections

Sunset reflections, Loch an Eilein After three weeks of rain ( spiced with sleet and hail showers just for variety) the clouds cleared for a weeekend of fabulous blue skies  revealing the shining snow covered hills – gleaming whiter than a toothpaste advert.  The air was simultaneously burning and freezing, decidely ‘baltic’ at times!  After […]