The Forest Edge

Pine trees looming through thick mist and snow, Strathspey I took this a couple of years ago during a really hard winter spell.  It was hard work breaking trail on skis through deep fresh snow, up the trail to the forest edge.  I loved how the shapes of these big pines started to appear through […]

Doune Farm

The farm at Doune of Rothiemurchus, by the river Spey, with the hill of Ord Ban, and the stormy Cairngorms behind. Taken yesterday from Craigellachie hill, behind Aviemore.  It started out as a perfect winter day with blue skies,  sunshine and frost, although by the time I was on Craigellachie there was a bitter wind […]

Through the mist

The Cairngorms from Aviemore.  Corrie Gorm (appearing behind) and Carn Eilrig (the pyramid-shaped hill) through the late afternoon mist. Happy New Year! … and welcome to 2012.  After all the speculation and hysteria about the ‘end of the world’ next December we are finally here.  As I am sure everybody on this list is aware, […]

Christmas Trees

Cairngorms from Rothiemurchus forest This image was taken at this time of year two years ago when it was minus 14C, towards the end of a long ski through the forest, with the snow catching the afterglow colours from the sunset.  This week, the recent snow and ice has stripped away and its been comparatively […]

Stone circle moon

Moon at the stone-circle tree Winter has come.  After an incredibly stormy week for us I awoke to a half inch of snow this morning, and ice everywhere.   I took a walk out on the moor this afternoon, to get my feet in the snow, and went out to the ancient stone circle (actually a […]

Loch Mallachie

Sinking sun at Loch Mallachie, Boat of Garten, Strathspey Fingers crossed – so far November has been amazingly mild and bright, with many sunny days like today where the impulse was to ‘get out and enjoy it!’  An hour’s bike ride on the tracks through the deep quiet of the pine forest to enjoy the […]

Findhorn Beach

Findhorn Beach, toned black-and-white A photo from the summer, and another experiment in black-and-white toning.  I love how it brings out the clouds above the sweep of the beach. This week’s quote – don’t worry about how things seem! “What we’re beginning to learn is that we are cells in a larger organism. At this […]

Dalfaber Riverbank

Spey riverbank, Dalfaber, Aviemore A sunny break on an autumn day, taking in the flow of the seasons along the riverbank.  Transferred to black & white, then toned. “Spiritual development is not about sitting in a cave and meditating 24/7.  It’s about real people leading dynamic and satisfying lives, and having the tools to help […]

Misty Strathspey

Strathspey and Loch Insh from Ord Ban I was very glad this afternoon when the rain cleared and the sun started coming through the mist. I took a series of images from Ord Ban, its only a wee hill but it has a great outlook over the Strath.  Unfortunately by the time I had climbed […]

Loch Vaa evening

Evening showers and ‘electric’ clouds, Loch Vaa, Strathspey An evening walk out at Loch Vaa, starting in perfect September late sunshine, turning into light rain showers and atmospheric mistiness around the tree-islands on the loch, with the clouds seemingly lit from within by the sunset somewhere above them.  This was the perfect antidote to a […]

Tarskavaig sparkle

Tarskavaig bay, Skye One from the fiddle trip to Skye last month, looking out to the Atlantic with the island of Canna on the horizon. Loving the sunshine and sparkle! This week: its all about light… “We know today that man is essentially a being of light.  And the modern science of photobiology is presently […]

Kintail and the Sound of Sleat

The mountains of Kintail across the Sound of Sleat, from Skye In beautiful sunshine and hardly any wind, with a  flat calm sea showing the tide patterns.    The mountains and the sea were quite a  ‘study in blue’. I’ve had a full-on busy weekend, so its good to look at this image, and feel […]