Clouds on Fire

Clouds on Fire

Evening on the Glen Einich track, as the setting sun lit up these clouds from behind for a few short minutes, turning them to fire.

Pine Tree, Loch Vaa, Ice freeze, Cairngorms National Park

Pine Freeze

The light was stunning on this day, with an intense quality, glowing in light. Loch Vaa was a frozen expanse, glinting in the sunshine.

Old pine stump relections at Loch Mallachie sunset

Mallachie Pine

An old pine standing in the bog in the (very) squelchy edge of Loch Mallachie, Strathspey, glowing in golden sunset colours.

strathspey golden hour glow at sunset

Golden Hour

Sunset glow across Strathspey – the clouds cleared and the setting sun streamed across the land, turning the autumn colours to gold.

Glastonbury Tor with dramatic evening cloudscape

Glastonbury Tor

The Tor sits at the heart of the mystical Somerset landscape infusing the landscape with a real heart-opening connection.