Breathing Space

Midsummer poppy

Midsummer poppy

There is an enormous amount going on right now, affecting the Earth and Humanity, affecting all life.  As many spiritual leaders have written, I feel that this is a time of tremendous change and upheaval, with great opportunity for us all to evolve.  Change can of course be very uncomfortable in all those areas where we have resistance.  But we are now collectively in the midst of this tremendous shift of consciousness.  Its not something which is easy to explain in a few sentences, but its something I feel every day in the energetic waves hitting the planet.  We have to surf the waves – and the waves are getting bigger and more stormy.  These last years its been a full-time job just coping with these blasts and staying on-board.

Meanwhile, in the midst of this, we have the Coronavirus, which has forced us all to stop what we were doing, and (hopefully) pay attention.  Pay attention … to a whole raft of things: who we are; how we are; how we do things as a society; how we relate; how we treat the Earth. It is like a still point in the midst of chaos where we can pause and tune in, learn how to be still.

A time perhaps to dream and plan a different future…  A future with clean technology working in harmony with life rather than against it.  Technologies which harness Universal energy instead of burning resources, implosion instead of explosion.  A Psychological and Spiritual renaissance, a restoration of balance.  This is already starting to happen with many new inventions being supported – some not far from market. [See the New Energy Movement].

“The idea of free energy taps very deeply into the human subconscious mind… The Source of Free Energy is INSIDE of us. It is that excitement of expressing ourselves freely. It is our Spiritually guided intuition expressing itself without distraction, intimidation or manipulation. It is our open-heartedness. Ideally, the free energy technologies underpin a just society where everyone has enough food, clothing, shelter, self-worth, and the leisure time to contemplate the higher Spiritual meanings of Life. Do we not owe it to each other, to face down our fears, and take action to create this future for our children’s children?”

Peter Lindemann, Energy researcher

A future where we have learned to live in and from the heart, where we make decisions from a heart-based consciousness.  I do believe that we are seeing the collapse of old systems and old ways of doing things, as those in power still cling to it, making a mockery of integrity.  Instead we can reclaim our authentic power, based on living in integrity and more in harmony with the Earth.  Individually, one by one we make a difference.

The brain is not meant to direct, it was never meant to direct – intellect without the wisdom of the heart has led us to where we now are.  The brain is meant to be the manager, tasked with getting things done but directed by the wisdom of the heart, tuned into a more universal wisdom. This is what I learnt from my teachers (such as Drunvalo) and from my time with the Arhuaco in Colombia.

Coiled fern unfolding
Fern unfolding, Craigellachie wood

I’m particularly enjoying the meditations by Jim Self of ‘Mastering Alchemy‘ just now – I like his gentle and humorous style.  He teaches simple, short meditations where a shift of focus can have profound effects in how you feel, which encourages the growth of a shift in perception.

There are many challenges ahead as we emerge from the current situation – especially relating to the economic and power structures of Earth, and most especially our relationship with technology.  We have become totally reliant upon a technology which is damaging to all life (the subject of a future post on EMFs and mobile technology).  But, in this breathing space we have the opportunity to work towards a different way; the opportunity to transform our thinking, to think and act more mindfully.

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