Hidden Depths

Water Lily

Water Lily, Lochan Mor, Rothiemurchus

Continuing my annual quest to get the water lily image that I’m after in my head – I’m still not there.  The problem is all in the approach – the lilies like to be around a metre deep; this wee loch slopes off very quickly; I need to get closer to them; water and cameras don’t mix well.  It was beautifully warm though, almost tepid.

I love the geometry of their petals and reflections, and the metaphor of their growth. Water Lilies form down in the soil at the roots of the plant, deep down in the mud, and grow, stretching up through the water, before opening into the light at the surface.  But that beautiful bloom was inside the whole time.

“By uniting the fragments in their own life and soul to a living body, a person unifies the fragments of the world around them and transforms them into the ‘heavenly city’.  Engaged in that one pointed end, they will use more and more of their self-consciousness and become ever more loving and serviceable to others; not like a machine turning out a manufactured article, but like a flower opening up its heart to the sun.”

– G. H. Mees (as quoted in ‘The Hidden Geometry of Flowers’ by Keith Critchlow)

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One thought on “Hidden Depths

  1. How beautiful! You pictures are amazing but this one has to be my preferred one for the simplicity, the beauty and the power of this ancient flower! And you captured it all in this picture!

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