Storm Clearing, Strathspey

Golden light across Glenfeshie after a snowstorm

Golden light bathes Glenfeshie after a snowstorm

Its easy on some winter days to look out, and decide to stay in…  I went out anyway despite the stormy snow showers whipping across the hills.  My trust was rewarded as a break in the clouds bathed the landscape in a golden glow from the setting sun.

Golden light on Loch Insh after a storm
Sunlight sparkles on Loch Insh and flooded Insh marshes

“World conditions today challenge us to look beyond the status quo for responses to the pain of our times.  We look to powers within as well as to powers without.  A new, spiritually based social activism is beginning to assert itself.  It stems not from hating what is wrong and trying to fight it, but from loving what could be and making the commitment to bring it forth”

– Marianne Williamson

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