Golden Glow

sunset rays on creag dubh, newtonmore, from Ord Ban, Strathspey

Sunset rays turning Creag Dubh orange, from Ord Ban, Strathspey

I spent a good hour on the hill of Ord Ban watching as the sun sank and the ‘Golden Hour’ played its magical light across the land.  It was hazy, perfect for showing up the rays of light, and producing fantastic colour as the the golden glow illuminated the haze.

Golden glow of sunset across Strathspey hills

A wider view, showing the Strathspey hills, and the River Spey winding through the valley.  I just love these ridges one after the other in the light.

Cairngorms from Ord Ban

And, turning around to view the Cairngorms at my back, turning sunset-pink.

Although the breeze was freezing, there is something about the sense of space up here on the hilltop which I tune into so strongly which makes me stay as long as I can.  A sense of space, a sense of the Eternal.

 “The ancient rhythms of the earth have insinuated themselves into the rhythms of the human heart. The earth is not outside us; it is within.”

– John O’Donohue, ‘Beauty: The Invisible Embrace’

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