Sun-filled Poppy

Orange poppy

Sun-filled Poppy

These poppies have such a lovely energising bright colour, especially with the incredible sun we’ve had over the last few days.  During the day they were too bright to photograph – the camera simply cannot handle the contrast and colour saturation, but I took this photo in the last moments before sunset in the much softer light at that time.  I love the ‘crinkly’ texture of these flowers, especially illuminated like this.

“When pondering how the past affected us, we rarely look for OUR effect on it. We think about what we were up against versus what we stood for. We remember what we feared but not what we dreamed. We ponder how much we were loved versus how much we loved. We think, why did all that happen to me? What did I get out of it? Where will it lead me? When perhaps we should wonder, what did I make happen? What did I give? Where will I direct myself now?”

– Brendon Burchard, ‘The Charge’

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