Sunset over Mull

Sunset over the headlands of Mull.

Scotland can be one of the most amazingly beautiful places on Earth.  When we get day after day of deep blue skies and perfect sunshine (albeit with a chilly sea breeze at times) for several days in a row, its almost unheard of and worth writing home about, especially with it being so early in spring.  I spent the week on a tiny West Coast island, and it was simply perfection to watch the panorama of sea and islands floating in the haze.  I feel truly blessed.

“Endeavour as you look on any physical form to look into that form and to the spirit.  See it in the very roots of the trees, in the trunk, branches and the leaves.  See the white light rising as the sap rises.  See this taking place in all nature.  Look always for the spirit behind or within all form.  Become en rapport with this God-life in everything.  Realise it in the air you breathe, in the water you drink and bathe in; see it in the sky, in the winds, in the air.”

– White Eagle, ‘Spiritual Unfoldment (2)’

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One thought on “Sunset over Mull

  1. You are quite right. There is a lot of beauty in the Scottish landscape and such fine weather shows this potential.

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