Stone circle moon

Moon at the stone-circle tree

Winter has come.  After an incredibly stormy week for us I awoke to a half inch of snow this morning, and ice everywhere.   I took a walk out on the moor this afternoon, to get my feet in the snow, and went out to the ancient stone circle (actually a collapsed chambered cairn) for sunset.  There is an old Scots pine growing up from the centre of the stones, and it happened that I was able to take this image with the half-moon just held by the branches.  There was a beautiful silence out there today, carried on the wind.

“In ordinary states of consciousness,
sound prevails over a background of silence and replaces it…

In contrast, in the Presence, the opposite occurs.
Although sound is perceptible, it is in the background.
The Silence prevails so that the silence is actually not interrupted or displaced by the sound.
Nothing disturbs the stillness or interferes with its peace.”

– David R. Hawkins

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