Dalfaber Riverbank

Spey riverbank, Dalfaber, Aviemore

A sunny break on an autumn day, taking in the flow of the seasons along the riverbank.  Transferred to black & white, then toned.

“Spiritual development is not about sitting in a cave and meditating 24/7.  It’s about real people leading dynamic and satisfying lives, and having the tools to help them through when the going gets tough.  It’s about living better than you have before, and enjoying yourself more.  It’s about wholesomeness and personal empowerment.  When that happens, there is a natural tendency to want to help others.  The process of self healing does not stop, but continues and transforms us into shining beings of love.  Obstacles are still there, but we have many more tools to deal with them.

When we ignite our spirit, we remove the limitations and obstacles that stand between the physical ‘me’ that lives in a physical body and our Higher Self.  We become  aware of the non-physical world.  This inner world is just as real as the outer world, and just as obvious when we know what to look for and how it operates.  By understanding the inner world, we can more readily understand the seemingly random events of our physical lives.  Life makes more sense and because we understand more we can make positive changes more quickly and live with greater ease and grace.”

Kim Fraser – ‘Ignite Your Spirit’

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