Moss ‘forest’ detail

We’ve had a wonderful few days of tremendous spring sunshine, shorts weather, even here in the Highlands.  The daffs are finally all opening, trees are showing buds all over the place, and the garden birds are competing with each other to see which can steal the most finest-quality ‘nesting’ moss from my carefully cultivated moss-patch.  The sunshine is giving us a much-needed boost of energy too!

Here’s a detail of  moss fruiting bodies, these are about 1cm tall, to give the perspective.

This week’s quotes will probably leave some heads being scratched.  It shows the closeness in thinking between some physicists and Eastern philosophers.  It also shows that our subjective experience of the world might be very different from the ‘truth’ and that our experience of the same world can be very different depending upon our state of consciousness.

“Most people believe that time passes.  In reality, it stays where it is.  The concept of the passing of time is false, because man, limited to experiencing time only as passing, does not understand that it stays where it is.”

– Dogen, famous Japanese Zen master

“For a believing physicist like myself, the separation between past, present and future has the value of a mere, albeit stubborn, illusion.”

– Albert Einstein

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