Snowy Birches

Snow covered Birch trees on the banks of the River Spey

I thought we’d shift to Black and White for a change, with another image from last January’s amazing depth of snow and deep frost.  You can probably tell by now that I love the grace of the Birch!

I appreciated this week’s quote as there is nothing like looking up at the clarity of a starry sky on a frosty night.

“To approach the soul, Renaissance theologians would have an initiate study the vastness of the night sky as a metaphor of the vastness within.  The soul is the source of the most subtle energies of your being.  Yet this subtle energy gives form to everything else about you, from your cells to your sense of self. If spirit, as is often defined, is the all-pervasive, intelligent energy of creation, soul is its manifestation at the personal level.  Soul and Spirit are the unfathomable, vital mysteries of our existence.  We can, however, experience them directly, whether through the energies of love, contemplation, healing, or mystical experience.”

– Donna Eden, ‘Energy Medicine’

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