Sun and morning mist

Sun breaking through morning mist, Pine, Rothiemurchus

We haven’t had a morning like this yet, this year – well, unless I blinked and missed it!  Its been rather wet and wild instead, with fresh snow on the tops on friday, and many birch trees are starting to turn colour.
I don’t think we ever feel ready for autumn and winter, but after the summer haven’t had, I think we are even less willing this year!

The more aware I become, I am realising the truths of the quotes I write about week after week.  It has become increasingly apparent to me how our present, or rather, our experience of our present, is conditioned by our past; by unconscious beliefs, memories and programmes.  The more aware we become, the more we can free ourselves to live in the present.  Equally important, perhaps more so, is to bring into ourselves an appreciation of the qualities and things we desire, bringing these into our conscious awareness of creating the present; and to be aware of the loving support which is always around and within us, which is our Spirit.

– Neil

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